An open letter to the community from one of our newest members

We are so fortunate as a department to have a great group of members who live and work in our community. We are a volunteer organization and are constantly in need of new members who want to learn something new and become a firefighter or EMT. Most importantly, help their neighbors by giving back.

One of our newest EMT’s wrote a letter to the community that he would like to share. It talks about his experiences, and thoughts about joining the Fire Department, and how it has helped him, and helped him give back.

Please read and share the letter with the community. We are always looking for new members and will be hosting 2 open houses for people who may be interested or just want to learn more.

You can download the PDF here: Letter PDF

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EMS Open House This Weekend!

We will be hosting our annual open house this weekend to kick off EMS week. Come by with your family and friends for games, safety tips and so much more. It’s a great time to come say hello, and if you are interested in joining talk to some of the members.

We are always looking for new members to join our family. There is no training required, and everything is provided for you. Come learn how you can help your neighbors and share in some of the most rewarding life experiences.

Team Staying Alive

A little over a year ago Doug Saltstein and Andrew Berliner suffered a major accident during Hurricane Sandy. Armonk Fire and EMS, along with NCPD and North Castle Highway Department responded to the scene. Both were in critical condition and taken to Northern Westchester. Since then they have made a remarkable recovery and are doing well. Their families have been a huge help to the fire department in recruitment and fundraising. Both of their wives, recently organized a a race and donated more than $15,000 for Armonk EMS. We are extremely grateful for all the help they have given us. Thank you to everyone who participated in the race. Continue reading

Extrication Drill

This weekend we had members come down to the Firehouse for an extrication Drill. We used our Paratech Rescue Struts. We first started the drill flipping the car on it’s side to simulate a rollover with someone trapped in the front seat. We cut out the windshield, the A posts and the roof to give us more working room. Once that was complete we flipped the car on it’s roof. This gave us a chance to use the struts to actually lift the car up about 1 foot. If we had to we would have been able to cut the roof off while still holding up the car to get to anyone in the back seat.

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Night Time Search And Rescue

Last night we had a drill featuring wildlife search and rescue. We knew very little about what we were in for, and the only information was that we were searching for someone in the woods. We found the patient and realized he was pinned under a tree. We used airbags to lift the tree and remove the patient.

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Rescue 85 WetDown

August 24th from 12-4 we invite you all to celebrate the delivery of Rescue 85 and come to our Wet Down! It should be great fun and a chance to check out the new piece of apparatus.

All are welcome to attend, we hope to see you there!


Armonk Fire Department Open House

The Armonk Fire Department will be hosting an EMS Open House on May 19th from 12-4.

Come down with the family to meet all the Volunteers, take a look at the Fire trucks and Ambulances, pick up learning materials, play games with the kids, and of course our Bouncy Castle!

This is also a great time to learn more about the Fire Department if you are interested in volunteering. We are always looking for volunteers. You don’t need any training, or experience.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Caution – Live Wires

We would like to remind everyone that as power is restored to the area, electrical lines that were on the road and not active could become energized. Any electrical wire should be considered live and very dangerous.

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