Early Morning Structure Fire

The Armonk Fire Department responded to an early morning commercial alarm at Zero Otto Nove restaurant on Old Rt 22. Upon arrival there was a slight smell of smoke in the air. Crews made entry and discovered a smoke condition throughout the kitchen and second floor. Upon investigating further it was discovered that there was a fire burning between the first and second floor. A confirmed structure fire was called and firefighters worked on finding the fire and opening up the floor and the ceiling. Once the ceiling opened up the smoke condition worsened and fire started rolling out from under the floor. It was quickly extinguished and we began overhauling to ensure that there was no other fire that spread. Luckily the damage was minimal and the restaurant was able to open only a few days later. 

We want to thank the other departments that responded including: Banksville, Battalion 16, Car 4, Mt. Kisco, Chappaqua, Bedford, Cause and Origin, Coned, Westchester EMS.

This is the second fire we had this winter. The first fire was a small fire on the exterior of a house caused by leaving ashes from a fireplace outside in a non metal container. This is a great reminder that if you clean the ashes from your fireplace, put them in a sealed metal container away from the house.

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